I have a lot of fun leading the form in agreement with its rules and according to my wishes, and I hope this feeling will be transferred to the viewer. A visual journey through the complete via the details, the mailing of differences and orgasmic joy unrestrained neither by the written nor by the spoken word.

More about the artists

My major professional direction is creating of art pieces in architectural environment. Here I present you with a series of interior mirrors in ceramic frames on which I have been working for a long time. Through the possibilities that materials give me, I try to create still frame, carrying in their structure a spirit of musical wholes.

When art does not deal with the problem of the direct transfer of images from the visible world into the field of artistic interpretation, it seeks symbolic artistic formulas to reflect the complex interrelationships of our environment. Our consciousness tends to summarise information, to create modules in which life material is concentrated and at the same time to build through them steps to further knowledge. Thus, the small building block is both significant in itself and at the same time part of a complex scheme of interdependencies. It is the basis of man’s desire to organise nature in a new original way. Thus, trees, metals, clay and stone are arranged not in architectural construction, but to demonstrate their ability to design a new conditionality – the three-dimensional language of details, in which each particle is as important as all the letters in the language in which we communicate.

Working primarily in the field of Public Art, Sculpture and Ceramics, Ivan is capable of working with different materials with an unmistakable sense of balance, space and precise aesthetics. Accomplishments and Commissions for exterior and interior artwork and design. Artwork shown in national and international juried exhibitions and solo exhibits.