In searching for a special gift, for a special person, two old friends come across an interesting fact – during the First World War, soldiers used to play chess, using shell casings and cartridges instead of figures.
And this is just the beginning.

More about the artists

The artistic spirit of Ivanka Bakalova and the skilful hands of Anastas Anastasov give this fact shape in the form of sets of chess pieces with fantastic miniature details.

Today some of the unique chess sets sit in the possession of private collectors in Bulgaria and all around the world. Each of them is entirely by hand. From the board, to the details of the figures, all adorned with elements of glass, wood, coins…

Ivanka is a graduate of the National Academy of Arts with a degree in Ceramics. She is a teacher of History of Art at the Metropolitan School and manages a gallery of African art.

After many years of working in the film industry, Anastas indulges in his passion for sound. His small shop is a pillar of the community for HiFi lovers and vinyl fans.