Abstract canvases are a kind of interpretation of ideas and feelings in their intangible Spiritual essence, a synthesis of the idea of the world as a set of elements and dimensions that determine our parameters of influence, intervention, abilities and endurance.

More about the artist

Datim Dimov explores the human senses and the unique ability to analyze ourselves and the processes outside and within us, and to give answers, despite their relative truth. Through his works he experiences the freedom that each of us seeks and carries within, but in our lives it is most often unattainable.

Dimitar Dimov – Datim was born on 11th of November 1964 in Sofia. His father is a famous sculptor – a fact that defined his choice to go into painting and art. In 1983 he was graduated in the School of Arts. In 1991 he was graduated in the Art Academy, studing painting under the direction of Svetlin Rusev.

In 1993 he won a competition site for studies in Paris and in 1994 resides in one of the studios of “Cite Internationale Des Arts”. In 1997 he was invited again to make his solo exhibition in one of the exhibition halls of the Foundation.

Datim has 13 solo exhibitions so far and participated in various national and joint exhibitions with other authors. He works mainly in the fields of painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture, etc. In the last few years, he’s actively engaged with photography.