Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, madein.bg is dedicated to Bulgarian contemporary fine art, craft objects and art jewellery.

We gather a collection of contemporary and active Bulgarian artists in different directions and styles. Popular artists and young authors working in the field of graphics and illustration, typography, painting, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and plastics, applied objects and fine art …, each of them speaks with his own voice, uses his own technique and messages, and we choose them with love.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Through this website, we madein.bg, provide an online platform through which visitors to the site can view and buy works of art.

Madein.bg offers each user the option to buy works of art in just a few easy steps. Choose amongst different categories, indicate the desired quantity and price, offered by the service provider and pay online! It’s that simple!

Whether you are looking for an original painting or a printed reproduction signed by the artist, original jewelry or sculpture, madein.bg has a relevant works of art for sale.

It is always helpful to review all artwork descriptions listed for any specific details.


Explore the different options and choose the most suitable for you!

The order form is maximally simplified and does not require registration.

Select the desired product and add it to the order via the “Add to cart” button, which is below the photo and the description of each product. Indicate the desired amount of each product.

If you want to order other products, add them in the same way. You can track the contents of your cart by clicking on “Cart” (at the top right of the screen).

If you want to make changes, you can opt out of a particular product with the “Delete” link or add new ones without worrying that those in the cart will be “forgotten”.

Once you have selected all the desired products and their quantities, to calculate the final price of your order, click on the “Order” button in the cart. Fill in the delivery details and invoice details if you wish.


In the “Shipping and payment” field, select your preferred method. The delivery price has not been added to the final price of your order. It is calculated separately, depending on the weight of the shipment, the method and place of delivery, according to the tariffs of the courier company.

Our representative will contact you to confirm the order.

There is no requirement for the minimum quantity that can be ordered.


Each item ships in a sturdy, well-protected packaging.

Your artwork will arrive with plenty of support packaged in to make its journey as safe as possible as it travels to your home.

This commonly used phrases in the artwork description indicate how an artwork might be packaged for shipping:

Framed Artworks – Framed works are ready to hang and typically refers to a work stretched on Stretcher-bar with decorative frame. These works will arrive flat and are ready to hang.

Stretched – Stretched refers to a standard canvas painting or drawing which denotes canvas wrapped around a wooden frame otherwise known as Stretcher-bars. These works will arrive flat and are ready to hang. These works may not have a wire or hooks but given the depth can be hung regardless.

  • Smaller and unbreakable Artworks – Smaller and unbreakable items are delivered in a cardboard box.
  • Large Framed and Stretched artworks are shipped in a very sturdy crate that is built for shipping art all around the world.

Oversized Artworks – very large works may be shipped rolled! Keep in mind that larger work may arrive rolled and this will typically be indicated in the artwork description. It is also far less expensive to shipped oversized works rolled, so many artists/clients automatically choose this method.

Rolled – graphics, prints, non-stretched canvas paintings will be delivered rolled in a dent-resistant tube.

3D Artworks – Some works (sculpture, ceramic, glass works) shipped in a very sturdy crate that is built for shipping art all around the world.

All packages will contain packaging materials that meet our strict guidelines to keep it firmly in place during its journey, and will be tightly sealed together.


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Note that all buyers have the right to cancel their order any time before shipment, and are able to return art 7 days after the delivery date if unsatisfied with the work. (For more information regarding our Terms of Services.)


We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If for some reason you are not able to make a choice, our team of designers will help you choose the right works of art for your interior within our collection. Depending on your desire, we can offer a collection of works tailored to your needs, space and style.

The site includes works with a wider price range to suit all budgets and projects.

Our personalized service gives you access to a free consultation with an interior design expert.

Your new works of art will be delivered to your door, and we will provide the necessary certificates by law.

Should you have any questions regarding an artwork, we are happy to help!
Please contact us by email: [email protected]