The jewels are inspired mainly from nature and floral forms. In some of his creative periods, the author stylizes the forms and makes them to geometrical. In other, you can observe a returning to the nature, desiring to explore the shaping detail underlying in the composition.

More about the artist

Borislav Krastev graduated “Silicate design” at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia. A member of Union of Bulgarian Artists from 1995.

Organizes own private exhibitions in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna. Participated in all exhibitions in section “Jewelry”, in group exhibitions of UBA, in a forum “International Art Horizons” USA, also in group exposition in gallery “MIA”, London, England. In 2009 is awarded with the prize of UBA in section exhibition with theme “Luxury during crisis”.

His collections are owned by galleries and private collectors in Bulgaria, Russia, USA, Canada, England, Germany.

The casual style and character remain well recognizable, no matter the changes in the direction of the market needs during the years.