75×90 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Stretched – Stretched refers to a standard canvas painting or drawing which denotes canvas wrapped around a wooden frame otherwise known as Stretcher-bars. These works will arrive flat and are ready to hang. These works may not have a wire or hooks but given the depth can be hung regardless.

Artist: Velin Dinev


The Bulgarian “Horo” is a National folklore dance with asymmetrical rhythm and complex repetitive step patterns. Sometimes dancers hold each other by their waists and dance in a circle or perform a “dance dialogue” standing opposite each other. It is an integral part of the Bulgarian culture. Performed for enjoyment at festive gatherings, it has many varieties, the moods of which range from solemn to exuberant.

Colorful gorgeous costumes, captivating rhythms evoking a volcano of emotions… These are all characteristics of Bulgarian folk dances. When you’re travelling around Bulgaria, this spectacle of upbeat music and vibrant dancing is a must-experience for every explorer.