Working in clay, one sees the fantastic metamorphosis from the soil under one’s feet to works of art. Svetlozar experiments and successfully integrates some graphic technics on to the ceramic surface. Sometimes he draws in space with clay or sculpting while draws.

More about the artist

Svetlozar Petkov was born on July 15 1960 in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria. He graduates with BA Graphic Arts from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 1992. In the following years he specializes graphic technics and graphic arts in the Tamarin Institute in New Mexico, London Printmaking Workshop (Art Management), Croydon College of Arts and Design, London College of Printing.

He is an author of many solo exhibitions many solo exhibitions of ceramics, drawings and paintings at the „Coffee“ Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, Studio Spectrum Gallery, Gaia Gallery, Scarlet Gallery, Draka Gallery, Sofia. Teddy Gallery Varna, Terra Art Gallery Plovdiv, Forum Gallery Haskovo, Alma Mater Gallery and many others.

Through the years Svetlozar takes part in many International Biennials of Graphic Arts in Belgium, Japan, Germany, Spain, Poland, former Yugoslavia and Holland. Along with his graphic projects he has worked and produced many ceramic works in the past two decades.