My aim is to bring esthetic joy to the viewer through harmonic forms in my abstract surrealistic modern artworks.

More about the artist

The sculpture is a creative activity incorporating the design, modeling and construction о 3D objects. The process of modeling consists of the adding and removing of form to build sculptural work.

The sculpture, which excites me as an author is based mainly on “removing”.  It is an act that helps the material to evolve thanks to an imbalance between removing and adding. It is also a crucial moment in the construction of the structural integrity of my works.

Adding comes in the form of a finer matter or otherwise color. The color does not change the structure of the works, but gives a generally new perception to the viewer. Colors visually induced oscillations give new illusory three-dimensionality of sculpture.

Zlatin Orlov studied art at National Art Academy in Sofia Bulgaria. After college, he worked at his studio and performed 2 to 4 solo exhibitions annually till today. Some of his sculptures were sold into private collections and National Art Gallery in Sofia.