We created Madein.bg because we have always been interested in the arts and we love the creative process.

Madein.bg is dedicated to contemporary fine art, craft objects and art jewellery. Today, the Internet has created the opportunity for artists to be seen and heard from anywhere on the planet, and our goal is for more Bulgarian artists to use this power to grow their business.

The World Wide Web is like a different world and making the best out of it requires skills, effort and investment in advertising that are rarely within the power of an individual. Bringing together a platform is a successful strategy for independent artists.

This is our way to reach out and support the arts and crafts.

We believe that Art is the universal language.

We believe that all arts and crafts are unique in their own way, so we decided to showcase them together in one place. We want to create an online community where every form of art has its place and is visible to everyone across the globe.

We listen to our partners’ needs to help artists achieve their goals and succeed. Our Team is run by professionals who are well organized and will be at your disposal anytime.

The team

Vihra Ognyanova

Plamen Alexandrov

Ivan-Alexader Todorov

Alexander Georgiev

Vihra Ognyanova is alumna of the Bulgarian National Art Academy in the field of advertising design.
Actively working in the sphere of branding, web and exhibition design. Member of Union of the Bulgarian Artist, member of the board of Chamber of the Bulgarian designers.
Co-owner and Manager of Prim Design – an advertisement and design agency, created in 1990; Managing owner of the Prim Expo – company for design and organization of fairs, exhibitions and corporate events, owner of the biggest tourism fair in Bulgaria “Holiday & SPA Expo”; Co-owner of the Prim Net Ltd.

Plamen Aleksandrov holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Marketing.
In his work he is passionate about combining web development knowledge and experience with marketing’s analysis and efficiency. Always aims to simplicity and order.
Actively started working with clients at the age of 16. Currently his portfolio consist over 90 companies and projects from Europe, United States and Australia. Has experience in working with venture capital funds and startups.
Co-owner of the Prim Net Ltd.

Ivan-Alexader Todorov was born on January 30, 1992 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His passion to History of Art, Design, Architecture, Crafts and Making Process let him to the logical decision of picking education in Set Design. Ivan has worked in the field of Film, Theatre and Interior Decoration since he got his BA (Hons) in Scenography from Rose Brufrord College of Theatre and Performance. He always tries to transfer skills and know-how across the different positions that he occupies.

Alexander Georgiev is our photographer and camera man. The beautiful photos in this website are thanks to him.
He is a graduate of the National High School of Fine Arts and the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov”(NATFA) in Sofia, Bulgaria. NATFA is one of the most prestigious European and Bulgarian educational institutions in the field of stage and screen arts.