Angelina Pavlova was born on December 10th 1963 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her impressive creative biography began as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts – Sofia, Bulgaria, Silicate forms and Umprum Prague, Czech Republic – Glass in Architecture. She became a Master of Arts in Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland and continued her specialization in European University of Glass, Sars-Potteries, France and Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artist from 2007, Member of the American Association for Art Glass – GAS.

She is an author of many solo exhibitions in many galleries in Bulgaria, Gallery Arte Forma – Heidelberg, Germany, Gallery AVENTURIJN – Epe , Holland, Gallery L – Hamburg, Germany, etc.

Angelina takes part in many selected exhibition in Bulgaria, China & CEEC Contemporary Art Exhibition, China Cultural Center, Sofia,Cite des Arts, Paris – France, European Glass Biennale – Haacht, Belgium, Tubbergen, Holland, European Biennial – Glass in context/Bornholm, Denmark, Dutch Design Week/Eindhoven, Roma, Venice, Cogneliano, Caracas, Granja de San Ildefonso, Spain, Munster, Germany, I, II, III, IV, VII International Glassymposium – Frauenau, Germany, Novy Bor, Czechoslovakia.

Angelina’s work can be found in the church ‘St.Kirik and St.Yolita” – Bankya, Bulgaria, Ernsting Stiftung Museum, Germany, Municipal Bank – Head Office, Sofia, Gallery Benveniu – New Orleans, USA and at private collections also in USA, Norway, Holland, Germany, France, England, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Venezuela and Bulgaria.

On May 24-Th, the Day of Slavic Letters and Bulgarian culture, as a member of the Bulgarian Church delegation invited to the yearly celebration in Rome, she was honoured to be received by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. On this occasion I offered to the Holy Father a glass sculpture of an Angel stepping down to earth among people “Angel of Peace”.



Bisserka Ognyanova graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1968. A member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and Chamber of Designers in Bulgaria. She is recognized in the professional circles as a exhibition designer and applied graphic artist. During her long creative career as a practicing designer Mrs. Ognyanova have had designed and realized moor than 1000 projects for international and local trade fairs and exhibitions in the biggest world expo centers – mainly in the field of tourism – Berlin, London, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, Moscow, Athens, Lisbon, Prague, Brno, Harare, Milan, as well as for Plovdiv Fair and Sofia, Bulgaria. Mrs. Ognyanova is a prize winner of Space Design Awards of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

The passion for the painting has been hidden for long years. The artworks have been piling up within the time, rarely exhibited to the public – one different reality woven from bright colors, clear combinations and bold outlines. Her favorite and main motifs are the Landscapes, the Flowers and the Tree in their innumerable forms and shades.



Borislav Krastev graduated “Silicate design” at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia. A member of Union of Bulgarian Artists from 1995.
Organizes own private exhibitions in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna. Participated in all exhibitions in section “Jewelry”, in group exhibitions of UBA, in a forum “International Art Horizons” USA, also in group exposition in gallery “MIA”, London, England. In 2009 is awarded with the prize of UBA in section exhibition with theme “Luxury during crisis”. His collections are owned by galleries and private collectors in Bulgaria, Russia, USA, Canada, England, Germany. The casual style and character remain well recognizable, no matter the changes in the direction of the market needs during the years.



Dimitar Dimov – Datim was born on 11th of November 1964 in Sofia. His father is a famous sculptor – a fact that defined his choice to go into painting and art. In 1983 he was graduated in the School of Arts. In 1991 he was graduated in the Art Academy, studing painting under the direction of Svetlin Rusev.

In 1993 he won a competition site for studies in Paris and in 1994 resides in one of the studios of “Cite Internationale Des Arts”. In 1997 he was invited again to make his solo exhibition in one of the exhibition halls of the Foundation. For now Datim has 13 solo exhibitions so far and participated in various national and joint exhibitions with other authors. He works mainly in the fields of painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture, etc. In the last few years, he’s actively engaged with photography.

Datim Dimov explores the human senses and the unique ability to analyze ourselves and the processes outside and within us, and to give answers, despite their relative truth. Through his works he experiences the freedom that each of us seeks and carries within, but in our lives it is most often unattainable.

Abstract canvases are a kind of interpretation of ideas and feelings in their intangible Spiritual essence, a synthesis of the idea of the world as a set of elements and dimensions that determine our parameters of influence, intervention, abilities and endurance.



The first brushstrokes I lay down are always a reflection of my emotions. My preferred material is wood, thanks to its unique structure, recycled materials, bits and pieces of old furniture and even car pieces. I love creating my own frames as it creates a truly unique piece – unlike machines, the hand can never walk the same path twice. My colours are delicate, never too bold or aggressive. Specificity is not something I focus on, as I prefer to leave it up to the viewer to choose the lens they wish to view the piece through.

I have graduated “Scenography” from the National Academy of Arts, one of the most multifaceted specialties combining visual style, text, impression and conciseness. It informs my playful take on the material, physicality and transient nature of art. Craft, experiment, improvise!
Standalone exhibitions – City Gallery, Svishtov, 1995; Tera-Art Gallery, Plovdiv.
National exhibitions – “Drawing and small sculpture” and “Landscape” of Union of the Bulgarian Artists – Sofia – 2016, 2017; “Veliko Tarnovo – Space for inspiration” – Veliko Tarnovo – 2017; “Format 30/30” – Astri Gallery – Sofia – 2015, 2016, 2017; International Biennial “Art of Miniature” – Ruse – 2017,2019; International Biennial of Small Forms – Pleven – 2020



My major professional direction is creating of art pieces in architectural environment. Here I present you with a series of interior mirrors in ceramic frames on which I have been working for a long time. Through the possibilities that materials give me, I try to create still frame, carrying in their structure a spirit of musical wholes.

I have a lot of fun leading the form in agreement with its rules and according to my wishes, and I hope this feeling will be transferred to the viewer. A visual journey through the complete via the details, the mailing of differences and orgasmic joy unrestrained neither by the written nor by the spoken word.

When art does not deal with the problem of the direct transfer of images from the visible world into the field of artistic interpretation, it seeks symbolic artistic formulas to reflect the complex interrelationships of our environment. Our consciousness tends to summarise information, to create modules in which life material is concentrated and at the same time to build through them steps to further knowledge. Thus, the small building block is both significant in itself and at the same time part of a complex scheme of interdependencies. It is the basis of man’s desire to organise nature in a new original way. Thus, trees, metals, clay and stone are arranged not in architectural construction, but to demonstrate their ability to design a new conditionality – the three-dimensional language of details, in which each particle is as important as all the letters in the language in which we communicate.

Working primarily in the field of Public Art, Sculpture and Ceramics, Ivan is capable of working with different materials with an unmistakable sense of balance, space and precise aesthetics. Accomplishments and Commissions for exterior and interior artwork and design. Artwork shown in national and international juried exhibitions and solo exhibits.



In search of a special gift for a special person, two old friends come across an interesting story – during the First World War, the soldiers played chess, using shell casings and cartridges instead of figures. The artistic spirit of Ivanka Bakalova and the skilful hands of Anastas Anastasov form the idea in a set of chess pieces with fantastic miniature details. And this is just the beginning.

Today some of the unique chess sets are owned by private collectors in Bulgaria and a number of countries around the world. Each of them is different, made and processed by hand from the board to the details of the figures, with elements of glass, wood, coins …

Ivanka is a graduate of the National Academy of Arts with a degree in Ceramics. She is a teacher of History of Art at the Metropolitan School and manages a gallery of African art.

After many years of working in the film industry, Anastas indulges in his passion for perfect sound. His small shop soon became a centre of attraction for HiFi lovers and vinyl fans.



Milena Valnarova graduated Illustration and Book Design (National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria) and specialized Graphic Art Techniques (Schule für Gestaltung, Basel, Switzerland). She worked at #1 advertising agency, New Rhythm magazine, Chaos magazine, Ogilvy & Mather, Sofia, TopForm Studio, Formout. Since 2010 she’s been freelancing as a graphic designer and a post-production expert.

Acknowledged with several international graphic design awards: International Visual Communication Association‘s Awards 2001 – Gold in category PRACTICAL TRAINING, Mayor of Osaka Prize – 10th International Design Competition, Osaka, Japan 2002, Gold prize – 2002 International Communication Design Competition by Communication Design Association of Korea, Silver prize – 3th International Design competition Nagoya Design Do!, Nagoya, Japan 2003.

She published her work in NEUT, Tokyo, Japan, ROJO, Barcelona, Spain, Belio, Madrid, Spain, Add!ct Brussels, Belgium, Born Magazine, USA, Lost Paradise Gallery, Italy, Noname magazine, Italy, Paperkut, Italy, Graphis, USA. Member of Art Directors Club, Bulgaria and Plakat Combinat.



I am a Sofia resident who was born in 1966 and I have been teaching Exhibition Design in the specialty of Design in Advertising in the National Academy of Arts, Sofia for 26 years. This telephone story, like any other, began quite by accident. It began one night, on the armchair. Playing with my newly acquired smartphone and thinking about the advertising attacks we are constantly subjected to, I decided to check what can be “squeezed” from these devices in terms of photography.

I would like to point out that in the years of analog photography, when my classmates were actively attending photography clubs, I preferred to play football. So sitting on this armchair in the hotel room I was living in at the moment, I noticed in front of me a table lamp and a very interesting light. I pointed the phone and that’s how it started. Gradually, the initial curiosity became a lasting interest, and later a passion – but mostly in fun. A constant, daily fun that provokes me, makes me happy and I hope, develops creatively.

Then followed a period of experimentation, mistakes, disappointments, enthusiasm and discoveries. I learned a lot. What I like the most is the opportunity to be relaxed, spontaneous, to keep my senses constantly open. And to make this “phone story” fun, it occurred to me that when I’m shooting with a phone, the post-production could to be done with that same phone. So, everything you see is created in my personal smartphone. I hope you like it!



Tell me a story, a legend from your country and I’ll listen very carefully. If it is a good one, I might have a dream about it. In the morning I’d grab my sketchbook and start drawing.

Reading a magical folklore fairytale, meeting a person who can challenge me with a bright though, dreaming about what future may bring…those things actually keep me awake. Awake and excited for what I’m about to create next. That is how I do my art. That is what drives my imagination, inspiration…excitement.

My name is Rafaila and I have been living in London for more than 4 years now. I work as a concept artist / character designer for the UK animation industry, but in my core I am a Bulgarian illustrator who often comes back to drawing on paper.



Inspiration comes in the process. Exceptional self-discipline is required if one wants to be a creator, and to create the things he dreams of and even to pursue his dreams For me, this is a matter of everyday life.

Rumen Rachev found his vocation as a child and since then he has followed his dreams. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts with “Poster and Book Design” and “Graphic Arts”. He later turned to Painting and printed graphics. The master of the brush has over 50 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, USA, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, England, Russia and others.

His works are acquired by the collections of the National Gallery in Sofia, Sofia City Gallery, MoMA, Kunsthalle, Bremen –  Nordenham, in the permanent collection of prints of the New York Public Library, among the artworks of the collection of Rothschild Bank Ag – Zurich, Mint Museum – Charlotte USA, Museum of Arts –Buffalo, New Orleans Museum of Arts – USA and many other private and public collections around the world.

One of his admirers is the world-famous violinist Nigel Kennedy, whose album “Kennedy plays Bach”, performed with the Berlin Philharmonic and released by the “Emmy Classics”, was designed by the artist.



Svetlozar Petkov was born on July 15, 1960 in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria. He graduates with BA Graphic Arts from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 1992. In the following years he specializes graphic technics and graphic arts in the Tamarin Institute in New Mexico, London Printmaking Workshop (Art Management), Croydon College of Arts and Design, London College of Printing.

He is an author of many solo exhibitions many solo exhibitions of ceramics, drawings and paintings at the „Coffee“ Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, Studio Spectrum Gallery, Gaia Gallery, Scarlet Gallery, Draka Gallery, Sofia. Teddy Gallery Varna, Terra Art Gallery Plovdiv, Forum Gallery Haskovo, Alma Mater Gallery and many others.

Through the years Svetlozar takes part in many International Biennials of Graphic Arts in Belgium, Japan, Germany, Spain, Poland, former Yugoslavia and Holland. Along with his graphic projects he has worked and produced many ceramic works in the past two decades. He experiments and successfully integrates some graphic technics on to the ceramic surface. Sometimes he draws in space with clay or sculpting while draws.



Vassil Vassilev graduates from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with BA Sculpture in 2012.

Vasil’s artistic pursuits lead him in strange directions such as sculpture, product design or sound engineering sometimes. For a while he had been part of the creative group Kinetic Studio, which deals with kinetic objects in the field of visual arts and their goal is to develop and promote “high-tech” art in Bulgaria.

His works are distinguished with their simplicity and hard geometrical shape. Vassil could turn every steel bar into a minimalist and balanced design object, where you will feel the free spirit of rockers and the experimental electronic sound.



Velin Dinev is an established artist with numerous solo exhibitions for more than 40 years. Born in 1938 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts, majoring in Textiles, which is still felt in his paintings. Over the years he has participated in numerous joint exhibitions in Bucharest, Berlin, Budapest, Paris and London. He lives and works in Sliven, but his paintings are among the possession of collectors from Germany, USA, France, England, Austria, China and Russia. He is the winner of the Grand Prize “Sirak Skitnik” for 2018.

Velin Dinev’s works stand out with exceptional expressiveness, a lot of light, energy and color, combined with a precisely constructed composition. The choice of color or rather the contrasting of dyed values in his paintings has a leading role. At the same time, in a very fine and definite way, the artist marks the space with vertical and horizontal lines of different densities, reminiscent of colored textile threads. Some of his most recognizable series include Bulgarian folklore motifs and landscapes in ultra bright colors.



Victoria Nikolova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she lives and works. Her creative path started at the National High School of Art Iliya Petrov where she learned the ins and outs of illustration. She later completed her MFA in Book, Illustration and Print Graphics at the National Academy of Arts.

Victoria has completed different internships, including one at the independent publishing house Hip-Hip Library, where she was an assistant curator. There she took part in photography projects, group exhibitions and had the chance to do plenty of other cool stuff. She currently works as a graphic designer at an advertising agency and freelances as an illustrator.

Victoria’s inspiration comes from relationships between people, randomly overheard conversations and little things we don’t always pay attention to. You can find all of that interpreted in her illustrations.



My aim is to bring esthetic joy to the viewer through harmonic forms in my abstract surrealistic modern artworks.

The sculpture is a creative activity incorporating the design, modeling and construction о 3D objects. The process of modeling consists of the adding and removing of form to build sculptural work.

The sculpture, which excites me as an author is based mainly on “removing”.  It is an act that helps the material to evolve thanks to an imbalance between removing and adding. It is also a crucial moment in the construction of the structural integrity of my works.

Adding comes in the form of a finer matter or otherwise color. The color does not change the structure of the works, but gives a generally new perception to the viewer. Colors visually induced oscillations give new illusory three-dimensionality of sculpture.

Zlatin Orlov studied art at National Art Academy in Sofia Bulgaria. After college, he worked at his studio and performed 2 to 4 solo exhibitions annually till today. Some of his sculptures were sold into private collections and National Art Gallery in Sofia.