Art should lead everyone down their own unique line of thought and my art is full of words left unsaid, a buzz of thoughts and ideas left unfinished. The viewer should always be inspired to add just one more line, one more stroke, one more dot…

More about the artist

The first brushstrokes I lay down are always a reflection of my emotions. My preferred material is wood, thanks to its unique structure, recycled materials, bits and pieces of old furniture and even car pieces. I love creating my own frames as it creates a truly unique piece – unlike machines, the hand can never walk the same path twice. My colours are delicate, never too bold or aggressive. Specificity is not something I focus on, as I prefer to leave it up to the viewer to choose the lens they wish to view the piece through.

I have graduated “Scenography” from the National Academy of Arts, one of the most multifaceted specialties combining visual style, text, impression and conciseness. It informs my playful take on the material, physicality and transient nature of art. Craft, experiment, improvise!

Standalone exhibitions – City Gallery, Svishtov, 1995; Tera-Art Gallery, Plovdiv.
National exhibitions – “Drawing and small sculpture” and “Landscape” of Union of the Bulgarian Artists – Sofia – 2016, 2017; “Veliko Tarnovo – Space for inspiration” – Veliko Tarnovo – 2017; “Format 30/30” – Astri Gallery – Sofia – 2015, 2016, 2017; International Biennial “Art of Miniature” – Ruse – 2017,2019; International Biennial of Small Forms – Pleven – 2020