The world is beautiful, full of fiery tones, youth and wisdom, rich, pronounced color, emotion and aesthetics

More about the artist

Velin Dinev is an established artist with numerous solo exhibitions for more than 40 years. Born in 1938 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts, majoring in Textiles, which is still felt in his paintings. Over the years he has participated in numerous joint exhibitions in Bucharest, Berlin, Budapest, Paris and London. He lives and works in Sliven, but his paintings are among the possession of collectors from Germany, USA, France, England, Austria, China and Russia. He is the winner of the Grand Prize “Sirak Skitnik” for 2018.

Velin Dinev’s works stand out with exceptional expressiveness, a lot of light, energy and color, combined with a precisely constructed composition. The choice of color or rather the contrasting of dyed values in his paintings has a leading role. At the same time, in a very fine and definite way, the artist marks the space with vertical and horizontal lines of different densities, reminiscent of colored textile threads. Some of his most recognizable series include Bulgarian folklore motifs and landscapes in ultra bright colors.