Bulgarian folklore characters “SURVA”


36 x 50 cm

Fine art digital printing, on Hahnemühle – William Turner* cotton paper.

This print is an authentic limited edition print of an original work by the artist available exclusively through by MADEIN.BG. Edition number refers to limited (up to 30) edition prints for this dimension.­
All copyright and further reproduction rights are retained by the artist.

* Hahnemühle William Turner is a watercolor cotton paper and impresses with its unique feel and texture. The fine but strong felt structure of the real handmade paper gives photos and art reproductions impressive depth and three-dimensionality.

**If you want to order custom size of this product, please feel free to contact the MADEIN.BG team.

Rolled – This artwork will be delivered rolled in a dent-resistant tube.

Artist: Rafaila Raikova


In Bulgaria the first day of the New Year is characterized by the custom of Surva (Survakane). Survakars, children with survaknitsa (The survaknitsa or survachka is a curled branch of a cornel tree, usually decorated with coins, popcorn, dried fruits, small bells, ribbons, and threads) go around the neighborhood or the whole village, enter the houses and lightly pats the back of others with a survaknitsa, wishing health and fertility, for which they are awarded snacks, candy, or small amounts of money by the hosts.